Pride month is a funny thing

Pride Flag

I’ve always found events (?) such as Pride Month and Black History Month sort of contradictory.

Taking one month a year to celebrate people when we should be celebrating and supporting them the entire year seems disingenuous, which it is these days, as corporate bodies around the world add a rainbow logo, or put #BLM in their display name. Right up until midnight on the 1st of the next month.

On the other hand, people only have a limited emotional capacity to actively care about things that don’t necessarily directly affect them. Asking people to care about everything all of the time just is not emotionally sustainable.

Of course, in an equitable world, we wouldn’t need these awareness months, but we don’t live in an equitable world, and if we ever did, we haven’t for a while now.

Anyway. I have always sort of observed Pride Month from the outside. Supporting, certainly. I have more friends than I can conveniently count who sit somewhere within the alphabet. But it never affected me directly.


I’ve been thinking for a little while now, and done some of the reading thing, and talking to some friends (Hi!) and so on and all that.

Hi, my name is Dark Insanities, I am asexual & aromantic. 😛

Happy Pride Month

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