Tides of Power

Tides of Power is our D&D 5e actual play campaign. It takes place on alternate Saturdays, at 7pm GMT on my Twitch channel, and will run for 3 to 3:30 hours, with a break in the middle.

Characters & Players

Dhontus (he/him) is an Owlin Artificer/Rogue looking for some sort of stolen art.

Mequiadore is Dhontus’s player. He doesn’t stream, but he’s one of our excellent channel mods, and sometimes makes an appearance on Twitter.

Dominic (he/him) is a Human Cleric/Wizard, who carries a lot of paper with him. Like, a lot. Does it have interesting stuff on it? Is it completely blank? Who knows? Dom knows.

Furple is Dominic’s player. She streams sometimes on her Twitch channel, and has been known to exist on Twitter too.

Esmerelde (she/her) is a Dragonborn Barbarian/Druid. She seems like more the strong, silent type. But that’s not to say she doesn’t have plenty to say, perhaps.

Rocky is Esmerelde’s player. He’s something of a forever DM, and can be found talking TTRPGs on his Twitch channel, but also posts things and stuff to Twitter.

Maryam (she/them) is a Firbolg Warlock. She’s a bit of an enigma, possibly to her player as much as to everyone else. Who knows?

Mellemony is Maryam’s player, and she does a lot of art-type things on the internet. Check out her Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nefertari (she/her) is a Yuan-Ti Warlock/Sorcerer. She comes from a far off land, and doesn’t like to talk about it.

EricaExplores is Nefertari’s player. She shows up here and there on Twitch, and has an Instagram thing.


Character Art

The awesome character art we have was all created by Spectrum_Viper, and I personally think they’re all awesome. Go follow Viper, and consider commissioning them if you have art needs!


External Homebrew

Maryam is playing a homebrew subclass of her Warlock that was originally created by Mark Thompson. He also creates disability supplements for other tabletop games, so go check him out.

TwitterCombat Wheelchair


The music we use on the stream is currently from two sources:

Critical Role – Welcome to Tal’Dorei: Spotify

RPG Orchestral Essentials – Reborn: Jonathan Shaw: Website


We use Foundry VTT for combat in the game.

Maps are made by me in Inkarnate.