After, or perhaps before, the problems Xyrrieth faced, we come now to another, Tsera, with a challenge all of her own.

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This is the first short story I’ve written in years. It takes place in El’dran’gliel, the world our D&D campaign Tides of Power takes place in.

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Your body, your choice

I’ve actually been writing something else for this blog for the first time in months and months. But then a thing happened and I ended up writing a large number of words as an announcement in my Discord server. Eventually that post will be moved on and get lost, but I want to preserve what I had to say.

What’s this?

I like writing. I don’t really get all that much time to do so these days, it seems. But I’ve had some form of blog or thing of some form or another for a long long time. I like to write.